What is an inspirational video?

Inspiration comes in many forms and leads to many kinds of action. A common trait is a message of a better life, a better world, or a better anything. Inspirational videos can be stories of overcoming challenges or a vision of a better way of doing things. Whatever the content, the message inspires the viewer to become or do something more. (See videos

Why use a white‍‍‍board video?

Inspiration is a pure fusion of emotion and intellect. Whiteboard videos clarify the core concept and the hidden logic, and present it in a human, emotion-evoking manner. This makes whiteboard videos a perfect medium for inspiring viewers. 

Who is it for?

It’s for people who have been inspired and want to share that inspiration. When you want to reach out and inspire others. 



 1.  Promote a cause​

With global problems all around us, it is easy to succumb to passivity. Inspirational videos bring hope and possibilities where there seem to be none. With a video, we can invite people to join a movement.

3. Motivate actual change

We yearn for meaning. When we clarify why something is important, it primes the viewer for action.

2. Share examples 

Telling a story of beating the odds is a great way to inspire people to do what is needed, be it globally, locally, or inside your organization. A story is a great way to ask people to start their own initiative, join yours, or support your goals, whatever they may be.

BONUS: Change the world

A whiteboard video is a great way of connecting with humanity on important topics like climate change, inequality, or something that matters to you and should matter to others as well.