What is an internal video?

In an ideal world, the managers and leaders of every organization would have the time to sit down with each employee to go over the new company vision, strategic initiative, policy change or new IT system.


Since this is time consuming and practically impossible to do in larger organizations, alternative ways of communication have to be used. Whiteboard videos offer a fresh way of condensing a lot of information in a clear and fun way to get the message across while still engaging people. (See videos


Why use a white‍‍‍board video?

Whiteboard videos offer a fresh way of communicating within organizations. When communication within an organization revolves around email and text communication, employees easily become overwhelmed by the amount of information to absorb.


With a whiteboard video, the information is presented in an effective and engaging way, exponentially saving time across the organization.

1. Engage your employees

Whiteboard videos explain important matters in down to earth way and are a great
way to engage employees.

2. Approach topics in a fresh way

Communication easily gets bland. Our customers appreciate the new approach our videos bring to internal communication.

3. Make internal communication interesting

Communication to customers should be interesting and engaging, internal communication should be even more so!

Who is it for?

It’s for organizations with tens or hundreds of employees, possibly working in several locations or departments.


If keeping all employees informed and aligned on important decisions is critical, using whiteboard videos for internal communication can be a very useful tool to have on your toolbelt.