When the heart is included in the process, the journey from an idea to a finished video is nearly always enjoyable. And when you pour your heart and soul into the process, the end results can’t be far from diamonds.



 1.  Nobody is dumb​

It is communication that makes someone seem intelligent or dumb. When the viewer gets the message, we have achieved a great deal. Let’s write and talk to intelligent people who have the ability to question things. If the recipient seems stupid, it is the sender of the message who should be looking in the mirror.

2. The world must and can be made better 

We see a lot of sloppy, hastily executed communication today. A different kind of world is possible – and we want to be part of creating it.

3. Love is key

If you don’t approach your message with the attention and care it requires, others won’t believe it either. Real enthusiasm is very hard to fake.

4. Great stories come alive when shared

Dare to share your dream. Martin Luther King didn’t say “I have a plan” but “I have a dream”. Dreams are much easier to buy than plans.

5. Quality over quantity

It’s often easy to write 20 pages on one topic. Try summarising the same information to a couple of pictures. Every step you take towards the final picture takes you closer to clarity and makes the concept easier to understand – the process also helps in refining your idea.

6. There is no such thing as a given

The greatest realizations are usually based on basic things. Could they be done in a different way? Conclusions are often very easy when the basics are understood. We want to polish the basics to perfection.  

7. Realizations are usually simple

For us regular people, unlike Stephen Hawking and the like, our epiphanies are usually the kind of light bulb moments when we notice a new connection. Communication should aim to give us these “aha” moments.

8. The simplest things require the most work

Reaching a simple and straightforward expression is hard work but essential.

9. Honesty is the best policy

Our mothers taught us not to lie. Good cooperation is built on trust, not on contract stipulations. Our contracts are compact and if you’re not happy with our work, we will give your money back.

10. It’s better to go fishing than to make a dull video

‍‍‍If we aren’t getting anywhere with our work, we try something different. Still no results? Let’s change the people involved. Our only goal at Marker Wizards is to offer excellent results – we have no intention of branching out. We keep our costs low and do as much as our hearts allow.