What is a product promotion video?

Having great products is not enough. You need to be able to link the customer need with the product or service that your company provides. When you have an advanced and complex product, creating this connection can be difficult. A product promotion video is a perfect tool for explaining how your product works and how it answers your customer's need. 

If you can give your viewers Aha! experience and let them learn something new from you, you establish a trusting relationship. This will allow you to sell your product without using a tradional “selling” style, because viewers will feel like co-inventors in a shared idea.

With a whiteboard video, you will provide interesting content for the viewer in an enjoyable, concise format. Make something more than pushy advertisements, let viewers learn something new, make a whiteboard video. (See videos

Why use a white‍‍‍board video?

Whiteboard videos open up the logic of how your product or service works in an entertaining, clear and condensed format. Your customers don’t want to hear a generic sales pitch complete with flashing lights, neon colors and fireworks. Your customers typically want to get the information they need in a fast and entertaining way. 

Who is it for?

Companies and organizations who have products, whose brilliance needs some explanation to be appreciated. 

Companies and organizations who want a shortcut in the process of bringing new and as yet unknown products to their market. Clear communication will save money in sales, while  educating about what your new product does and how it can help them.


1. Increase sales

Unpack the logic of what your product does and why, and present it in a clear, enjoyable way. Create an emotional response and find more customers.

2. Create trust 

Let your customers learn something new, and create trust. Connect your products to the business logic of your customers. Be a partner rather than a supplier.

3. Create a human connection 

Sometimes the people behind the product are hidden behind marketing jargon and polished leaflets. A whiteboard video provides human to human -communication and can reach an audience frustrated with traditional copy-and-paste business videos.