What are science and research videos?

Scientific research can be very complicated, and there is a constant danger of popularising science in a complicated way. It does not have to be this way. Being scientifically correct can still be understandable and entertaining. If that sounds good to you, try a whiteboard video. (See videos

Why use a white‍‍‍board video?

Our professionals have a range and level of education uncommon in media companies, including several staff members with doctoral degrees. This makes it possible for us to tackle scientific concepts with the confidence that the resulting video will explain the relevant points with crystal clarity. We have made research videos for several universities including leading European universities (ETH Zürich, University of Helsinki, Aalto University). Target audiences range from fellow scientists to the general public.

Our videos can summarize a wide range of complex topics and present them in an understandable , tight-knit way. As a result, your message is turned into a mesmerizing and enjoyable, yet informative video. 

Who is it for?

Ongoing scientific research, recent discoveries, or increasing awareness of important issues all benefit from clear and concise videos. Popularizing science can be done in an sensible, approachable and exciting way, without compromising on content. Whiteboard videos tweeze out the relevant from even the thorniest concepts. And if thorns aren’t your thing, we do roses too.


1. Popularize science

Not everybody needs to understand the science, but in many cases communicating the outcomes of research in straightforward ways can be beneficial, and part of the goals of the research. And if you prefer to  publicize your results, we can help with that as well.

2. Explain your research

We can help you clarify the logic and complexity of your research in a clear way and in a language that your audience understands. 

3. Stand out from the crowd

Boring powerpoint slideshows are a great way to blend in, but when you want to be noticed, a whiteboard video is a fresh way to present research results. Also it is much easier for a viewer to return to a brief video than to a long powerpoint to check a fact or replay an idea.