Our goal is to take your message, find its core, uncover the underlying logic and structure, and then present it to the viewer as a simple, elegant, and enjoyable video. Oh, and we don’t fish. ‍‍‍



Marker Wizards delivers projects with a combination of maximum creativity and engineering precision. We work tirelessly by the highest standards, to bring you the best video possi‍‍‍ble.




Tiina Sileoni


Santtu Herranen

Sales Manager

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Project Manager

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Georg Madisson


Antti Niemistö

Post Production

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Project Manager

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Karri Lehtonen

Project Manager

Henna Lähtevänoja

International Operations

Thomas Hughes

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Joni Heinonen


We are what you get when engineers and artists breed. Well, not litera‍‍‍lly speaking, but our thing is to combine rigorous attention to logic with lunatic creative design. We find the actual logic in the message and structure it for the viewer. We also make the video entertaining and enjoyable.


Our team has professional experience not only in communications, but in technology, business, and the humanities. This helps us to truly understand complicated topics related to business, education, science and technology, just to name a few. By really understanding your message and the environment you work in, we can convey your message to your audience.

We also value the rich variety of life experiences in our team. For our customers, all of this put together means that we can take on complicated topics with an analytical mindset along with a creative twist. No topic or message is too complex for us to clarify and help convey to your audience.



By Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto

Marker Wizards has its roots in Tampere, Finland, in the late autumn of 2011. I was heading a research organization, which was carrying out a research project regarding young persons’ career and study choices. The issue is very complex, and it was challenging to communicate things in layman’s terms and thereby help the young people. I had seen excellent whiteboard videos made by the British non-profit RSA and thought that that could be a way to communicate our results too.


I had a friend, Susanna, whom I knew from a clowning group. She was studying to be an art teacher and I knew she had drawn cartoons, so I asked her for help. We started drawing the videos on cupboard doors at my home, recording with a friend’s camera, and only later bought a real whiteboard. It soon became evident that there was a demand for more videos, and our first customers were the Ministry of Justice and a big insurance company called Fennia.

We found a name later in the summer of 2012 and founded the company. We, the young Marker Wizards, decided to only make great videos, and that this would be far more important than, for example, money. Therefore we wouldn’t charge for a video if the customer was not completely satisfied – and so far, after more than 300 videos, everyone has been. A special dedication to quality has been the trademark of Marker Wizards ever since then. Looking back, I wrote the philosophy for Marker Wizards very early and it is surprising that only minor wordings have been fine-tuned since then and Marker Wizards are still living according to that philosophy now, more than six years later.

Unlike what is common in the industry, we started standardizing our process from early on, when we still had just one person for each role. Currently, our process has about 250 items in the project manager’s checklist, and our internal manuals are quite detailed. In this way, with the shared process, the professionals making the videos can learn from each other and develop the process ever further. This is also the reason why the customers of Marker Wizards are consistently very h‍‍‍appy with the process: it’s clear what they have to contribute and at what time, and for the rest of the time, Marker Wizards keep the ball rolling.


Forcing a creative process into a rigid framework may sound like a weird choice. However, in practice, making the project management repeatable doesn’t limit the creative side – quite the opposite: by making the structure consistent, there is room for the actual creative work.

Marker wizards has since grown into a group of 16 wizards, and made videos in three continents, with its main focus in Europe. Currently we have offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Stockholm.